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Fat older womenWhy are there so many women on the site?

We have done a survey recently asking all the women on our site what has brought them to us. The general answer was that they were simply all very horny and wanted to meet new people to have sex with so we decided to ask them why they were not having more sex offline and here are the answers that these fat older women gave

1.Husbands are not interested in sex.

Most men think that it is the women that loose interest in sex first but it turns out a huge number of women who are on this site are here with their husbands permissions. Sounds like these guys have fucked their wives so many times that by this point they have no more interest. They have given their wives the all clear to go and have sex with who ever they want. In fact, some of the women have even said that they are here because their husband want to watch another man fuck their wives!

2. Husbands are dead

Yes that is right, we actually have some much older women on the site who are here because their husbands have actually passed away and they have realized that they want to have a little bit more cock before they go too! If you fancy fucking an elderly, old fat lady then this is your Fat older womenchance!

3. Having an affair or divorced

This is the third most popular reason that these fat old women are on the site, they are either bored of their husbands and are having an affair or they got bored of their husbands a while ago and have already been through a steamy affair. Either way they have signed up to this site with the goal of meeting a new person to have sex with and for most of them, it is working!

The sign up process

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